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Rococo Veneziano

Stucco Marble Effect

Description: The ROCOCO RANGE includes a series of coatings with high strength, good colour stability over time and a high level of transpiration which make them particularly suitable for decorating surfaces of significant artistic and historical importance. The ROCOCO RANGE is made up of: STUCCO VENEZIANO, STUCCO VENEZIANO ALLA CALCE, GRASSELLO DI CALCE, MARMORINO, INTONACHINO MINERALE and PITTURA ANTICA CALCE. All the products in the ROCOCO RANGE are suitable for decorating interiors. All except MARMORINO, INTONACHINO MINERALE and PITTURA ANTICA CALCE can also be used externally. Special decorative effects can be obtained using products in the ROCOCO RANGE, such as: Classic or Antique Venetian Stucco effect, Veined or Antique Marble effect, Flowered effect, Rustic effect and many others, depending on the imagination of the person applying the product.